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Loading Symbols


Selecting Symbols to Load

The File Load Symbols menu item allows the user to configure the symbols/sectors to load and scan.

Once symbols have completed loading(the progress bar will indicate how far along the load process is) Stormtracker is in SCAN mode.   When in SCAN mode, the user

  1. can configure new studies/conditions/complexconditions/modules on existing timeframes
  2. can scan more symbols by using the Secondary Load process

When in SCAN mode the user CANNOT

  1. Import or Export (stormsets, studies, conditions, complex conditions, modules)
  2. Add or Delete Timeframes

The user will need to Stop Scanning in order to import/export or Add/Delete Timeframes, then start scanning

Refer to the FAQ page for a reference to Stormtracker Symbology for the NDX, SPX and market internals.

Refer to the Futures documentation for a reference to Stormtracker Futures functionality

Recommended Practices:

The first time symbols are loaded will take a little longer than subsequent times.  This is because stormtracker loads historical data for the symbols you've configured.  Subsequent loads will take less time as it only loads the data required to perform the scan.  

This is why it's recommended the first time you use stormtracker , do a preload - the day before you first plan to use stormtracker, configure the symbols you wish to load and Load Symbols.  This will update the Symbol Database.  

Anytime you clear out the Symbol DB or add more than 100 new symbols, either

  1. Do a preload or
  2. Load 2 times consecutively  - Once the first load completes, stop scanning, and load again.  The second time will also take significantly less time and this will ensure the accuracy of the data being loaded.

The Left Column represents a list of Valid Stormtracker Sectors. Right click on the Left Column textbox
to obtain a list of valid Stormtracker sectors and their corresponding symbol lists. Clicking on 
one of the selections in the menu auto loads it into the boxes.

The right column shows text files containing the symbols that will be loaded and scanned. Right click on a 
textbox on the right side to Add/Change File Select a different file OpenFile Edit the text file to modify the symbol list.

The Left column doesn't have to have a Sector Configured , it could also have a

a) Valid Symbol Name
b) a valid Stormtracker futures symbol
c) NOSECTOR( a selection in the context menu)

The NOSECTOR name can be used in multiple rows of the Left Column and is used
when the user doesn't want to use the sectors functionality of the Scanner

Sectors Functionality -  There are 2 kinds of Sectors functionality 

  1. For each sector configured there is a condition that is automatically generated. When this condition is used in the entry criteria of a Module, then the scan is restricted to symbols in the sectors (specified by the corresponding symbolfile)  In this case the user doesn't have to specify a real sector(that is a symbol recognized by Stormchaser) for instance he may want to group symbols by class, so he could construct an "#EQUITIES#" and a "#FUTURES" sector, with symbollists corresponding to these classes.  
  2. A module can be configured that scans for the list of sectors .

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