Stormchaser Technologies | Kairos Planetary Movement & Projections


Planetary Time Projections

Time Projections can be generated several ways in Geo or Helio coordinate system.  

  • Transits To Transits
  • Transits To Natals(and Synthetic Natals)
  • Transits to Progressions
  • Transits to Directions
  • Search for specific criteria
  • Maximum Latitude/Declination
  • Specific Latitude/Declination
  • Retrograde
  • Longitude Degree Movement
  • Latitude Degree Movement
  • Declination Degree Movement

There are over 40 planets or planet pairs that can be tested for any degree movement, as well as Ecliptic Intercepts.

User Configured projections that can also be displayed - Spiral Calendar, odd/even squares, Fib and Lucas projections.  Solar/Lunar Eclipses and Moon Phases can also be displayed.

Planetary Time Projections Video


Sample Screens

Time Projections

Transits to 3/6/2009 Natal

21 Degrees of separation of Mars/Saturn