Gann Analysis

Stormchaser Technologies | Kairos Gann Angles & Geometric Squareouts

Whether you already use Gann Analysis, or are just beginning, Kairos has a full suite of modules to aid your analysis.  

There are 4 powerful Gann Modules

  • Gann Angles
  • Planetary Time Projections
  • Planetary Price Projections
  • Planet Cycle Optimizer

Gann Angles

Six types of Gann Angles that can be configured to allow you find which works for your market.



Planetary Time Projections

Over 10 types of Astro analysis can be performed, which you can chart on markets.  



Planetary Price Projections

Harmonics of Planetary movement can be used to determine support and resistance. 



Planetary Cycle Optimizer(PCO)

Think you have found astro criteria that your market responds to?  Statistically verify whether a market is responding to specific planet or astro criteria