Algorithmic Realtime Alerts/Automated Trading Systems

Configure your own complex criteria and be alerted in real time or use the alerts to create fully automated trading systems.  Choose from the classical Technical Analysis indicators applied to intraday or eod price data or detect candlestick formations,  Apply these criteria to all symbols scanned in the Kairos system and be alerted when your criteria are met.

Configuring an automated trading system consists of selecting the symbols to scan, designing the indicators in your trading system, and the conditions/multiple conditions that comprise your Entry Criteria.  Then use the combinations of conditions to form the criteria for entry in the Module or Trading System.  Exits can be initiated by one of 21 types of stops, 5 types of targets(including scaling out) or Exit Criteria based on conditions.  Select in advance whether to reenter a position if conditions are met, or to block reentry. Times for entry can be specified by Trading System or by symbol.  Over 30 configurable parameters allow you to fine tune your trading system.


Symbols / Start Scanning

Select the Futures, Equities or Forex symbols to be scanned



MACD, Bollinger Bands and Technical Analysis on various timeframes applied to the scanned symbols



Determine when Indicators meet Criteria


 Multiple Conditions

  Combine conditions to form more complex criteria



Trading Systems

Combine conditions with stops, target, scaleouts, exit criteria, routes, and many others to form the elements of an automated trading system.


Premarket Gaps

The premarket gaps module scans the entire universe of equities premarket and allows you to filter based on recent price ranges and moving averages