Running Automated Trading Systems

Automated Executions Pre Conditions

The following diagram is a checklist of settings that must be configured in order for Automated Executions to be initiated from the scanner.  Some are configuration settings that can block entries intentionally, such as time constraints, others are safeguards built in to the system to ensure that the user intends to run the system in Auto/Live mode.

Alerts are sent if Symbols have been loaded(it is in Scanning Mode) and the Module window has been activated(is open)


Closing Positions

When positions are closed manually they are put in the Blocked List of Symbols. Positions that are in either Manual or Auto mode, may also be closed through the underlying execution platform.


Blocked Symbols

This window lists the symbols that are blocked from entry by the scanner. It lists they symbol of the module it's blocking, the time when the symbol will be removed from the list, and the reason for the block.


Enter Position

To send an order to TWS, use the Enter Positions Window. Manual or Auto positions can be sent.


Editing Positions

Selecting the Module displays the parameters of the module. Selecting a position, then pressing Change Auto, or To Auto applies the parameters of the module.


Configuring Kairos with TWS

In Demo mode, no orders are sent to TWS, but simulated entry and exit orders are sent through KATP.


Interactive Brokers TWS settings


Connect to Underlying Execution Platform

Before alerts from the module windows are sent to KATP and then to the Underlying Execution Platform(TWS), this button must be pressed. The Connect to Trading Platform button will not be enabled until symbols are being scanned