Gann Angles

Stormchaser Technologies | Kairos Gann Angles & Geometric SquareoutsThere are six different types of Gann Angles that can be configured to allow you find which works for your market!  

Configurable Gann Angles:

  • One Point / Bar - the standard 
  • Sqrt of Price - the Square Root of the High/Low used as a basis for the angle
  • From Zero - 1 Point / Bar from the 0 value below the high/low
  • User Defined Angle - The slope is specified by the user
  • Selected Points - User selects 2 points from which the angles are based - angles based on existing price structure
  • Harmony of Discord - a special type of angle for use with the Harmony of Discord method
  • The Gann Angles Module also includes Geometric Squareouts - Using two turning points the user selects, horizontal lines from multiple turning points are displayed.  Where these interest with the trend line indicate potential turning points in the future.  See Example Below.

In addition to the default 1:4,1:2,1:1,2:1,4:1 angle ratios, additional angle ratios can be configured. An angle multiplier for all angles to create octaves of the angles.  Angles configured are visible on lower timeframe charts. For example, angles configured on the daily timeframe are visible on all lower timeframes

Gann Angles Module Video

Sample Screens

Gann Angle Module

Square Root

This chart shows the Gann Angles based on the square root of the low.


Gann Angle Module

Geometric Squareouts

This  chart shows a geometric squareout by using 2 turning points in the start of a trend, horizontal lines are extended from turning points to square out the angle and find potential turning points.