Harmony of Discord

Stormchaser Technologies | Kairos Harmony of DiscordThe Harmony of Discord(HoD) module determines whether a pattern is growing or decaying by finding whether the time frames are balanced or imbalanced. This system is based on the "The Harmony of Discord," by Anthony Marino. For a preview into the system, here is the first chapter: Harmony of Discord Chapter 1.  The Nodal Trading System derived from the "Harmony of Discord" scans in realtime for HoD conditions in Kairos.


The HoD module scans multiple time frames to find potential balance and imbalance which are shown graphically and in a table. By default only balanced nodes are shown but it can be configured to show imbalanced nodes as well. Many times the Harmony of Discord shows balance from multiple areas. Using potential turns that are in balance, in combination with price levels, confirmation with Gann Angles, or with your own trading system, can be a powerful way of detecting low-risk entries.

Harmony of Discord(HoD) Video

*NOTE: Purchase of the Harmony of Discord Book is included with the Kairos HoD module. A donation of $10 will be made to Wounded Warriors with the purchase of the HoD module.  

What's Included in the Harmony of Discord Module:

  1. Multiple Points of Balance
  2. Balanced Nodal Points
  3. Multiple Balance Points Detection
  4. Realtime scanning of multiple Timeframe Triplets for multiple markets


Sample Reports

Harmony of Discord (HoD)

HoD module

Multiple points of Balance

Multiple points of Balance are found in the Euro. The image shows the beginning of a bottom after a balanced node is found.


HoD module

Balanced Nodal Points

The Euro rallies from the low balanced nodal point, then more balance points are detected indicating a high, from which the Euro declines.


HoD module

Multiple Balance Points Detection

Multiple Balance points detected from which turning points are indicated.