Time Projection Analysis
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Time Projection Analysis

(Planet Cycle Optimizer - PCO)

The most powerful module in Kairos, it enables the user to test all possible planets and degree movements , helio or geo longitude, latitude, declination for the best results.  Does a market correspond to 360 degree movements of Helio Mars/Venus or to 13 degree movements of Geocentric Jupiter?  Does it respond to inflections of Mercury declination or Venus Retrograde. With this module you can analyze these and find the Planets and degree movements.  You can analyze the following

  • Longitude Degree Movements
  • Latitude/Declination Degree Movements
  • Transits to Transits
  • Transits to Natal
  • Transits to Directions
  • Transits to Progressions
  • Specific longitude
  • Use Heliocentric or Geocentric coordinate system
  • Fib Intervals
  • Any user-defined set of time intervals

Once you find a planet/degree movement with a high percent hit rate, you project it into the future.

Planetary Time Projections Video


Sample Screens

Time Projections

Mars/Venus Helio 720 - 67% hit rate

21 Degrees of separation of Mars/Saturn