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The S&P has been very volatile lately, but the major turning points have been following Earth Tides quite well recently.  The S&P had it's first turn from the fall that started on 8/16 on 8/24 , 2 days after the Earth Tide bottom on 8/22. The S&P then made a swing top on  8/28, coinciding with the Earth Tide top made over the weekend on 8/29.  Earth Tides are now showing a bottom on 9/4, up until 9/12.  My guess is that it will be up to sideways up.  However the Earth Tides down move was larger than the previous down move, but the S&P move was shorter relatively.  This could indicate a stronger move up.  

There is a major bottom indicated on Oct 3 and a higher bottom on 11/2, so we could see a double bottom situation over the next couple of months, before a larger move up can occur.  

Earth Tides are based on the relative rotational and orbital motions of the Sun, Moon and Earth.  It's based on a model used to predict expected periods that should be observed in an actual Earth Tide.  I'd like to hear what you think - email me at [email protected]

Kairos V2.0 is now available.  How do you relate a market to particular planet(s)/degree movements?  The new version has many new Gann Analysis features including applying Data Analysis to Gann/Astro Finance.  The Time Projections and Analysis module will help you analyze a market to find the best planet(s)/degree movements.    There are also real-time algorithmic features where you can configure custom indicators



Here are the features of the new version:

Reatime/Intraday Modules include 
Harmony of Discord – Nodal Trading System finds turning points from balance on multiple timeframes –works with futures markets with 24 hour price charts. Based on the book “The Harmony of Discord”

Fractal Pattern Recognition – Configurable on multiple timeframes and markets, this module finds repeating time-price patterns from days to months prior. 


Algorithmic Realtime Alerts  Combine intraday / EOD indicators and conditions to be alerted to trading setups – completely configurable and easy to use – scan one or many instruments algorithmically


Premarket Gaps – filter above/below daily ranges or moving averages

Gann Analysis
Transits to Transits or Transits to Natal/Progressions/Directions, display time projections easily on the price chart.   Includes Ecliptic Intercepts, Declination/Latitude Parallels, Inflections or min/max.  Filter by
 Declination or Latitude Strength to find the strongest aspects.  Phases of the moon, eclipses. Generate Ephemeris.


Planetary Price Modules  used to plot harmonics of Planetary Longitude and Declination/Latitude. Lines and reversed lines can be displayed in the Geocentric/ Heliocentric in 2 different modes


Time Projection Analysis

The powerful Time Projection Analysis Tool finds the best planet/degree movement for a market.   Analyzes natals, planets, planetary pairs, declination, latitude, eclipses, and much more.  Display the results easily on the price chart.   Helio and Geo Price Lines/Harmonics.


Gann Angles- 6 types of configurable Gann Angles. A Geometric Squareouts feature is included in this module. 


Cycles Library - Martin Armstrong's Pi Cycle, Earth Tides , Sun Spot data


Dozens of technical analysis studies/tools, Multiple Intraday Timeframes. 1 week free trial.  FREE EOD price data through Yahoo/Import your own CSV price data

What kind of Gann Analysis do you want to do ? I’d like to hear from you - email me at [email protected]


If you are familiar with the work of physicist Nassim Haramein , you know that he has shown the fundamental structure of space-time is a 64 tetrahedral grid.

Haramein has related the fundamental structure of space-time to the structure of the Giza pyramid. 


 But if you have ever seen a Gann Square, you will soon recognize that they are one and the same. 


Download a free ebook on the physics behind Gann Analysis and market movements


There is a small but growing niche of astrologer/Gann market analysts.  This type of analysis is varied, but is most often a combination of astrology and market cycles.  However there is an underlying physics that is common to both and an underlying mathematics and science to astrology and the markets.    Understanding astrology is daunting as there are many views, books and websites devoted to its study.  There are probably as many views on astrology as astrologers, and it has been said that varied views is what makes a market. Consider that there are elements of astrology as a language/syntax that empirically describes the underlying physics, which in turn underlies the cycles of the markets. For our purposes, astrology might be better termed Solar System Dynamics(SSD)

The mission is to provide a platform that will unify the analysis of the markets, physics, and the mathematics of astrology(SSD).  This platform will allow traders/analysts/scientists to research underlying physics, planetary correlations and mathematics of market movements.