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Thoughts on Time Research as it applies to the markets

There is a small but growing niche of astrologer/Gann market analysts.  This type of analysis is varied, but is most often a combination of astrology and market cycles.  However there is an underlying physics that is common to both and an underlying mathematics and science to astrology and the markets.    Understanding astrology is daunting as there are many views, books and websites devoted to its study.  There are probably as many views on astrology as astrologers, and it has been said that varied views is what makes a market. Consider that there are elements of astrology as a language/syntax that empirically describes the underlying physics, which in turn underlies the cycles of the markets. For our purposes, astrology might be better termed Solar System Dynamics(SSD)

The mission is to provide a platform that will unify the analysis of the markets, physics, and the mathematics of astrology(SSD).  This platform will allow traders/analysts/scientists to research underlying physics, planetary correlations and mathematics of market movements. 

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