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Trend Line breaks can be very powerful indications that a move is about to occur.  Here's how the Bollinger Band on a higher timeframe can approximate a trend line break.  To do this, apply a Bollinger Band on the 30 minute chart.  When the previous 30 minute bar drops below the lower bollinger band, and the current 5 minute bar closes above the middle bollinger band, this approximates a trend line break on the 5 minute chart.  Not only is this a good algo to use for trend line breaks, it's easy to implement and automate a trading system like this in the Kairos Platform.  

Click on the image below to watch how to configure a Trendline Break/Bollinger Band algo on the Kairos Platform

Take a look at this example of CMG

Now take a look at the corresponding 5 minute chart


While the Kairos Platform lets you design and implement algorithmic/automated trading systems, it also has a powerful suite of Gann tools.  With Gann Systems you need historical price data.  While the Kairos Platform lets you import your own CSV Price Data, you can also use the built-in Quandl Price Data.  The Wiki-Continuous Futures DB has over 600 futures contracts, and that is just one of several free Quandl DBs.  Some of the free DBs are shown below, notably WIKI EOD Stock Prices has 3200 symbol and the WIKI Continuous Futures has 600 symbols 

 Quandl DB  Ticker Count
 WIKI EOD Stock Prices  3200
 WIKI Continuous Futures 600+ 
 Borsa Italiana  49
 Eurex Futures Data   75+
 Frankfurt Stock Exchange  160
 Bombay Stock Exchange  4566
 Tokyo Stock Exchange  9997


Connecting to the Quandl DB takes a few seconds (Click on the image below to watch the video)