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Thoughts on Time Research as it applies to the markets

Trend Line breaks can be very powerful indications that a move is about to occur.  Here's how the Bollinger Band on a higher timeframe can approximate a trend line break.  To do this, apply a Bollinger Band on the 30 minute chart.  When the previous 30 minute bar drops below the lower bollinger band, and the current 5 minute bar closes above the middle bollinger band, this approximates a trend line break on the 5 minute chart.  Not only is this a good algo to use for trend line breaks, it's easy to implement and automate a trading system like this in the Kairos Platform.  

Click on the image below to watch how to configure a Trendline Break/Bollinger Band algo on the Kairos Platform

Take a look at this example of CMG

Now take a look at the corresponding 5 minute chart


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